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Simplex® 4100U Fire Alarm Control Panel   

The Simplex® 4100U fire detection and alarm platform is a high-end, state-of-the-art system designed to meet the needs of facility managers, building owners and electrical contractors.  The 2000-point 4100U builds upon the field-proven performance of its predecessor, the Simplex 4100, with new technology like SafeLINC™ Internet capability, digital voice communications, advanced built-in diagnostics, dual operating software, and other enhancements.

The 4100U combines superior fire protection and information management with low installation, maintenance and ownership costs.  Building owners can benefit from low-cost compliance testing, including testing of addressable audible and visual appliances that can be conducted without disrupting building operations. Contractors can realize installation savings with MINIPLEX® Transponders that reduce cabling costs by distributing processing power throughout a building and with addressable notification and initiating devices that support T-tap wiring.


The 4100U platform can link multiple 4100U control panels in a seamless, highly survivable fire alarm network capable of supporting thousands of addressable points. The peer-to-peer, token-ring network provides master annunciation, control and information sharing without centralized processing and ensures unparalleled survivability.  Click here for more information on 4100U networks.


Perhaps most important to long-term SimplexGrinnell customers, the 4100U has been specifically designed so that existing 4100 and 4120 systems can be upgraded rather than replaced. Our focus on backward compatibility allows you to build on your current investment without the costly replacement of existing equipment and wiring.  Click here for more information on our migration solutions.


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For more information on any SimplexGrinnell Fire Detection and Alarm application, contact your nearest SimplexGrinnell district officeFor Financing and other services we offer, click here.

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