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Addressable Initiating Devices 

Simplex addressable initiating peripherals communicate with the control panel using IDNet
communications. Devices include our patented TrueAlarm® line of sensors, one of the most stable lines of detection devices in the industry, as well as addressable modules that provide addressability to conventional devices such as flow switches. We also have modules that can serve as a remote point of control, for example to release door holders.

TrueAlarm Sensors 
TrueAlarm Smoke Detector 
The first job of any sensor is to protect your people and operations. The second is to reduce nuisance alarms, which could cause disruption to your occupants as well as costly downtime for your business, and create unnecessary danger and confusion.
Carbon Monoxide Detection 
CO Sensor Base 
Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas that you cannot see, smell, or taste.  SimplexGrinnell has the ideal solution for detecting toxic CO gases in critical areas such as residential properties, dormitories, hotels, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
Addressable Modules 
Isolator Module 
These devices typically provide addressability to conventional devices such as flow switches. Simplex has a wide range of innovative addressable modules.
Manual Stations 
Pull Station 
Simplex addressable stations can be either single or double action and include an integral individual addressable module (IAM).
A variety of accessories are available for TrueAlarm products. These include UL Listed protective guards for sensors and a UL Listed weatherproof enclosure for protecting an outdoor duct detector.
Remote Smoke Detection System 
Simplex XAD Remote Air-Sampling Smoke Detection System 
The Simplex XAD Air-Sampling Smoke Detector is an excellent solution for challenging duct applications, as well as restricted areas such as prison cells and the top of elevator shafts when smoke detection is required by code.