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TrueAlert Addressable Appliances 

TrueAlert® Addressable Horns, Strobes, and Audible/Visible Notification Appliances

// Simplex TrueAlert ES:  Notification Reinvented
Addressable technology revolutionized fire detection systems. Now, SimplexGrinnell and Tyco are bringing that same approach to notification. TrueAlert ES improves every aspect of notification, from design and installation to maintenance, testing and expansion. Click here to visit

The Simplex® TrueAlert® addressable fire notification system, the industry's first family of addressable notification appliances, brings true end-to-end intelligence to fire alarm technology. TrueAlert addressable strobes are the first in the industry to allow candela settings to be selected either in software, eliminating the need to go to each device, or through hardware.  A printed report confirms the candela setting of every appliance on a system and a diagnostics tool can confirm that there will be sufficient voltage to power every notification appliance according to NFPA standards in the event of a loss of power.

Thanks to addressability and "local-area test mode," each TrueAlert appliance can be tested individually without disrupting an entire area with an audible signal from every appliance on a common circuit. Fast, unobtrusive testing carried out during regular business hours allows owners to benefit from significant savings in long-term test and maintenance costs.

TrueAlert appliances offer significant installation savings to electrical contractors as well.  Cost-effective T-Tap wiring replaces parallel-wired reverse polarity circuits and each appliance can be tested as it is installed, allowing any problem to be identified and corrected on the spot. 

TrueAlert addressable notification appliances include:

  • Horns
  • Multi-candela strobes
  • Horn/strobes
  • Speaker/strobes
  • Communications isolator module
  • Adapters for communication to conventional appliances

For Emergency Communications systems, SimplexGrinnell offers an addressable amber lens, multi-candela strobe to provide non-fire alert notification. A dual amber/clear lens appliance is also available.


For more information on any SimplexGrinnell Fire Detection and Alarm system, contact your nearest SimplexGrinnell district office. For Financing and other services we offer, click here.

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