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SimplexGrinnell’s fire detection & alarm systems protect people and property in countless buildings and facilities throughout North America and across the world. From a single small school protected with our 200-point 4008 control panel, all the way up to a large campus facility with a network of powerful 4100ES systems, our products protect every type and size of operation. All of our solutions are scalable and customizable so that you never buy more than is required to meet your needs.

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Control Panels 
Simplex 4100ES Fire Panel 
Simplex fire alarm control panels are available with a range of capacities and feature sets from a 10- zone conventional panel to a 2000-point addressable panel.
Initiating Devices 
Smoke Detector 
A complete line of initiating devices is available for Simplex addressable and conventional panels. 
Notification Appliances  
Regardless of your application, SimplexGrinnell can provide reliable, cost-effective notification appliances that protect your people, property and business operations.
System Accessories   
Accessories for Simplex fire alarm control panels include a range of annunciation options, communications alternatives, and accessories such as printers and batteries.
Networks, Workstations & Integration 
A Simplex® fire alarm network communicates information among distributed Simplex fire alarm control panels, allowing each panel to maintain the status and control of its own points, and monitor and control points physically connected to other network panels.